Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website! If you're looking for specific content, check out the links above to find my resume and portfolio. Otherwise, a brief overview of my work can be found below. 

Work overview

I'm Calvin Drake, I'm a game designer, and I have been my entire life.

I graduated from USC's Interactive Media and Game Design program in Dec 2014, where I learned to design and program various games both on my own and on teams of various sizes.

The most recent of these games is King Basil's Quest for the Crown of Spudly Awesomeness - a single player, 2D comedic strategy game built in Unity for the iPad and Android tablets. I was the lead designer and co-creator of the game and helped recruit and manage the nearly 40 team members, as well as managing the overall design of the game. 


Another of these year-long Advanced Games Projects is The Maestros - a real time strategy game that focuses on fast paced action by removing lots of high-strategy elements such as base building and mining resources. It was made by a group of more than 40 students, in which I was a designer that focused on balancing units and maps.


As mentioned before, I've also worked on smaller teams too. Over the course of a single semester I created Shipwrecked - a first person adventure horror game that takes place on a crashed spaceship. Creation of Shipwrecked was primarily done by me and my partner Ryan Navar, but also involved collaboration with a few team members outside of class - including usability testers and composers from the Berkeley school of music. 


However, that's not my only Unity game - I've made a pinball game called the Battle of Camlann, a turn-based strategy game called Strateon, and a remake of the first dungeon in the Zelda NES game.


Before I started making these video games, though, I practiced my game design talents by making a wide variety of card games. 



If you would like to contact me for any reason (even just to say hi!), I can be reached at calvin@leedrake.com


Happy game designing!

Calvin Drake


PS: Did I mention I made robots when I was in high school? 

Calvin Drake