Download Shipwrecked

Shipwrecked uses an advanced lighting mode in Unity that is not supported in the web player. 

Level Design Breakdown


Shipwrecked was a roughly 8 week project where I paired up with one other classmate to create a complete game - bringing it all the way from concept to prototype, alpha, beta, and eventually goldmaster, all under the supervision of our excellent professors Richard Lemarchand and Peter Brinson. We created a spooky first person exploration game that takes place on a crashed spaceship. Players are tasked with bringing various different systems of their ship back online, all while under the threat of escaping air and ghost-like creatures that have managed to make their way aboard the ship. Personally, I did most of the design and all of the programming in Shipwrecked, along with the actual level creation in editor and lighting. In order to keep track of all of the tasks that needed to be done and pace ourselves during development, we used an Agile development method and a burndown chart to keep track of our progress. Additionally, we worked with other team members, such as usability coordinators and composers. 



Shipwrecked was also selected by our professors for being exemplary enough to be a part of the Winteractive 2013 showcase event alongside other excellent intermediate and graduate project games.