The Maestros is an upcoming Real Time Strategy (RTS) game that focuses on fast paced action by removing lots of high-strategy elements such as base building and mining resources. Each player controls one commander unit and a small army of other units, and aims to kill the other team's commanders until they are out of lives. Battles are decided by army positioning, micromanagement, targeting, and above all else proper skill usage. Matches last around 8-10 minutes. I was personally part of the design team, and headed up the unit balancing for the game, which involved working with the rest of the design team and multitudes of testers to get feedback on perceptions of balance, such as particular problematic units or combinations of units. Additionally, I used many spreadsheets to mathematically determine the power of the unit and created The Crater, one of the maps in the game. If you would like to read more about The Maestros, please head on over to our official website at