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Attention - Online Multiplayer is still under development and is currently prone to... strange bugs after a turn or two. Offline multiplayer is stable. 

FATE is a turn-based strategy game currently in the early pre-alpha development stage. The game functions based on each player deciding their moves in a planning stage, then all player's moves being "Locked in" and executed during the execution stage. Players have to predict their opponents moves in order to be able to effectively land hits and dodge attacks, predicting the right response to their opponent's actions. Near an enemy melee character? Probably best to sidestep backwards in order to dodge their blow - unless you've already done that a few times and they use their ranged attack in anticipation of you back-stepping. 

The game was originally created as a physical board game, and through many, many iterations and play-tests I've tweaked player abilities for balance, ease of use, and fun. Additionally, I used the balancing knowledge I picked up on The Maestros to mathematically balance every unit, as well as every attack - taking a huge variety of factors such as range, damage, percentage of total mana used, number of squares hit, and special abilities into account. 



Left click - Do everything