Calvin Drake

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“Minimizing problems, maximizing fun”


Game designer with solid computer skills, able to work well in teams or independently. Dedicated to finding the best solutions to problems. Passionate about creating entertaining and immersive games.

  • Well-rounded programming skills
  • Experienced in integrating the work of many people into one product
  • Excellent presentation ability
  • Hands-on engineering experience



Unity 3D

Unreal Engine 3








Oculus Rift



Adobe AIR


Microsoft Office

Team Leadership

Agile Development

User Testing



  • Performed level design, systems design, and programming for two iPhone apps and one game released on Steam
  • Co-created and led the design for a comedic iPad strategy game, directing a 40 person team over the span of a year
  • Mathematically balanced eight different types of game units in a real time strategy game, so that no unit was over- or under-powered
  • Tested a complex .NET web application, including cross browser compatibility, security, and functionality
  • Imaged and deployed over 70 computers for a major medical client
  • Programmed three different robots which competed at regional and national levels, and reprogrammed them on the fly at competitions



Section Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Game Designer - 2014

Edited levels in an endless runner game based on user feedback. Created all the levels and programmed part of a coin-flipping physics puzzle game. Created the RPG stats system and did text writing for a choose-your-own-adventure text-based game.


OS-Cubed, Inc., Rochester, NY

Web Content Manager - 2013

Entered web site content into existing DotNetNuke content managed web site, including original content, photos, and text. Created web site wireframe template pages.


OS-Cubed, Inc., Rochester, NY

Computer Technician - 2012

Researched and assessed best methodology for creating OEM Windows 7 images and integrating third party software. Built and implemented checklist for imaging each machine, and built separate images for laptop and desktop systems compliant with HIPAA standards.


OS-Cubed, Inc., Rochester, NY

Software Tester - 2011

Executed test plans for browser testing of a complex .NET based JavaScript/Ajax web application. Documented and reported bugs and symptoms to the programming team. Assisted with root cause analysis.



King Basil’s Quest for the Crown of Spudly Awesomeness (USC Games)

Lead Designer / Co-creator - 2014-2015

Led a four-designer team in charge of creating a comedy-based mobile strategy game. Assisted with overall project scheduling for the entire 40 person team and worked with all parts of the team to bring the project together smoothly. Performed other needed tasks such as sound design and mixing, programming, game balance, and user testing.


Maestros (USC Games)

Game Designer - 2013-2014

Member of a six-designer team creating an easily accessible and balanced real time strategy game. Worked with programmers and artists to ensure that the game was intuitive to inexperienced players and that all parts of the game integrated properly.


Homeward (USC Games)

Level Designer - 2012-2013

Member of a seven-designer team who led the vision of the game, creating levels as well as working with the engineering and artist teams to make sure the overall game created a great play experience.



B.A., Interactive Media (Dec 2014), University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA



USC eSports team member 2011-present, playing League of Legends and DotA 2

FIRST robotics team member 2007-2011