Unity Web Player | Swarm


This game was created for an Introduction to Game Development class as a final indie game project. I solo designed, coded, and did the (minimal) art for this game in a little under four weeks.  



Left click - Select units, move units

Right click - Cancel movement

Scroll wheel - Zoom in and out

Z - Select 1 fewer unit

X - Select 1 more unit

C - Select only 1 unit

S - Finish your turn early


How to play: 

This game is for 2 players on the same computer. Strateon is a game where every unit in your arsenal shares the same statistics. In order to increase these statistics, move units on top of capture points - as long as at least one unit is on a point, all of your units will gain a benefit of either attack, defense, movement, or number of units. Attack your opponent's units to send them back to the respawn point, and move onto your opponent's respawn point to win the game. 


Attacking units is as simple as moving on top of them. If you have more total attack (your attack * number of units moved) than they have total defense (their defense * number of units being attacked), your units will move onto the space and their units will be killed. If you can't entirely kill off an enemy force, you can sometimes kill off part of their force, leaving some survivors who will get a free counter attack on you. In addition, no units will move in this situation. Fear not about calculating all of this though, as there's a handy HUD element to tell you the survivors of any potential battle. 


At the beginning of every turn you respawn up to your maximum number of units. This means that if you have 30 units on the field, but have lost unit capture points so only have a max of 20 units, your first 10 units to die will not respawn. Alternatively, if you capture a unit point, thus raising your unit cap from 20 units to 25 units, 5 units will respawn at the beginning of your next turn.